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Prairie Shepherds isn’t a cooperative but more of a collection of like minded shepherds from the heartland of Illinois.  We work together to bring healthy sheep and amazing fleeces by pooling our resources, time, and energy.  Each of us has our own small business, own flocks, and own artistic style. By coming together, we are able to make larger things happen!

Kristi is from Fox Run Farm and Fibers in Monticello, IL.  She, her husband, and their family of boys work a small farm where they raise not only registered Cormo and Leicester Longwool sheep, but a whole slew of other farm animals from chickens to cattle.  The etsy store, Fox Run Fibers, is where you can find Kristi’s online shop.

Cathe is from Seven Sisters Farm in Sidney, IL.  She focuses on Corriedale and Leicester Longwool, raises chickens, is a grandmother to new grand-babies, and is heavily involved in the local Spinner and Weaver’s guild.     Cathe is a Master Spinner and is working on continuing her education.